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Middle-Age Spread And The Aging Process

Middle-age spread, by its own definition, is considered synonymous with aging. Unfortunately, for too many it has become an accepted part of life and growing older. Middle-Age Spread It is as if we believe it is normal or inevitable, rather than a dangerous sign of poor lifestyle choices.   Distinguishing Subcutaneous Fat from Visceral Fat Abdominal fat is also referred to … [Read More...]

Facial Wrinkles Habits That Are Causing Them

Facial wrinkles can cause you to look older than you really are. When we think of the visible signs of aging. Facial Wrinkles Can Be Reversed That we most want to overcome. Facial wrinkles are at the top of the list. We are constantly made aware. Of the major common causes of wrinkles. The sun's ultraviolet rays. Stress, alcohol, cigarette smoking and simply getting … [Read More...]

Exercise Can Help You Stay Young As You Age

Exercise is the real secret to slowing down the aging process. It cannot be found in the hands of a plastic surgeon. It also does not mean that you need to have plenty of money. Exercise Anti Aging To splurge to be able to have your skin, face and other body parts look younger than your age. Slowing down the aging process only takes a pair of good shoes. And a determined mind to … [Read More...]

Basal Metabolic Rate And The Aging Process

Basal Metabolic Rate suggests that we gain more weight as we age. Unless we somehow speed up our metabolism to stay at a safe weight. Basal Metabolic Rate   Many people complain about their increasing weight as they age. Even though they have tried to eat less than they did years ago. Aging can certainly be accompanied with increasing body weight. However, it is something … [Read More...]

Age Accelerators That Are Making You Age Rapidly

Age accelerators are the things that can cause you to age faster than you want to. Here’s something that may shock you. Age Accelerators   There are things you’re exposing yourself to on a regular basis. That are secretly accelerating your body’s aging process. You are literally causing yourself to look older without even knowing it! Most of us already know alcohol, … [Read More...]